Prevent flat tyres and improves safety

For off-road tyres, the outdoor adventurer, agriculture machinery, ride-on mowers, motorcycles, bicycles, 4x4 vehicles and mining machinery. When a puncture occurs, DG'S Prevent A Flat seals the hole instantly with minimal air pressure loss, allowing you to continue safely to your destination.

Australian owned & Manufactured designed especially for tough Aussie conditions.

Don't get caught out with a puncture in the middle of WOOP WOOP & end up in SHIP CREEK. Get some of DG'S Prevent A Flat in your tyres today!


Tread area punctures up to 6mm diameter objects, also rim and bead leaks in tubeless heavy duty tyres.


Even distribution of heat increases tyre life

Stable & safe

Will not deteriorate, ball up, cure or freeze in operation. Will not damage tyres, tubes, rims. Will not clog valves.